Mindful Movement Qigong

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Welcome to Mindful Movement Qigong! We are a community of people seeking health, vitality, and alignment in our hearts, bodies and lives. We come together in movement classes, meditation and mindfulness workshops, transformational series and discussions. We look forward to you joining us!

Qigong is a practice of simple movements, breath and intention meant to connect us to the earth, sky, other people and most importantly to ourselves. Qigong is a way to participate in our own health, bringing more vitality, space, and openness into our hearts. What makes qigong so special is this focus on intention. What your mind is doing matters! What your focus is on matters more than what your body is doing. Yes, it is exercise but exercise for the body, the heart and the spirit. What your mind is doing during the practice is really the goal.*

- Suzannah Stason, L.Ac., CMQ

*An excerpt from a class taught in a UCSF research master class,

captured by qigong student and researcher Rowena Richie

What is Qigong?