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Welcome to Mindful Movement Qigong

We are a community of people seeking health, vitality, and alignment in our hearts, bodies and lives. Through the practice, theory and magic of Qigong, we come together in drop-in movement classes, meditation and mindfulness workshops, transformational movement series, discussions and more.


We look forward to you joining us!

What is Qigong?

Qigong (chee-gong) is mindful movement, meditation, and inner inspiration practices that are designed to bring health, strength, growth and alignment to your physical body, emotional and energetic experience and conscious mind-spirit being-ness. 

What does Qigong look like? 

Qigong consists of gentle movement, standing, seated positions or postures designed to integrate the body, breath and mind. This allows the system to begin to relax, the nervous system to settle and the body's energetic matrix to begin to open and flow. When these effects take place, the body naturally enters into a self-healing state. From this state, the body can more directly heal and release tension, emotions can more easily be released and the mind and spirit can begin to connect to a broader field of unified consciousness. 

Introductory Class

Join us for an introductory

Drop-In Qigong Class

Fridays at 10:30am 

*First Class is Free


Qigong is a way for you to connect your body and mind, to slow the movements of the body to help pace the mind and use the mind (intention) to help heal the body.

It's an incredible practice that works!

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